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When precision matters, motorcycle engineering relies on HELLER

HELLER solutions at KTM

KTM produces motorcycles at record-breaking volumes with batch sizes between 100 and 2000 units. For 30 years, the company has opted for HELLER machining centres for the machining of its engine housings and cylinder heads.

Task setting

  • Ensuring exact reproducibility in series production
  • Flexible, highly dynamic production according to demand and season
  • High vertical integration and part variety
  • Batch sizes range between 100 and 2000 units
  • Year-round in three shifts

Project scope and solution

  • Expansion of 19 HELLER CNC machining centres of the same size of the MC 25 and MCi 25 series with machining centres from the H series
  • H 4000 with 6-position rotary pallet magazine and 160 tool storage places as well as an axis dynamics package


  • This allows to transfer tooling and clamping systems from any of the machines to another without any changes
  • The HELLER machining centres have been designed for varying batch sizes and a variable range of parts and materials


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