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Global market leadership of Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen GmbH is based on top-quality products supplied with strict adherence to delivery dates. To enable flexible and reliable production of baking plates the company uses three HELLER machining centres model H 4000 linked by a Fastems system.

Task Setting

  • Maximum performance in 3D cutting
  • The baking plates incorporate a wide variety of 3D contours, including ovals, circled pyramids or complex shapes such as tree logs
  • Three components from three different manufacturers had to be combined as quickly as possible to a functioning overall system in parallel with running production: the new HELLER machining centres, then the upgrade of an existing Fastems system and finally the introduction of zero-point clamping technology

Project scope and solution

  • Three HELLER machining centres model H 4000 linked by a Fastems system
  • Increase of the processing power of the three long-distance runners by 5–6 percent with the optional Technology Software Package
  • The 3D contours are machined in two roughing and finishing operations


  • Due to the high productivity and availability provided by the three HELLER machining centres Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen GmbH have been able to expand their capacities
  • Trouble-free interaction with the Fastems automation system has allowed to significantly improve their ability to respond
  • It provides enormous flexibility, enabling to mix large jobs with long cycle times with smaller batches with shorter machining times
  • Sustainable reduction of cycle times
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