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HELLER understands the customers’ industry-specific requirements

Metal cutting companies around the world benefit from HELLER‘s comprehensive solution competence. Based on our many years of experience we develop customised manufacturing solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Among our customers are companies from the automotive industry and their suppliers, machine manufacturers, electronics and power engineering companies, sub-contractors and many other industries.

Our complete solutions for workpiece-specific tasks allow us to optimally respond to our customers' needs. Our solution competence comprises a wide range of parts and materials machined under the most diverse conditions – from the machining of light-metals such as aluminium through to difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium, steel alloy or cast iron,  from high-speed machining to heavy-duty cutting, from the machining of individual parts through to high-volume production, using wet, dry or MQL machining. Complemented by comprehensive consulting and a wide range of services.

Please filter the table after business or application to find practical examples from our reference list:

Treif Maschinenbau

Two HELLER FP 4000 helped to increase speed and stability of processes whilst enabling greater part variety.

HELLER solutions at Treif Maschinenbau


For 30 years, the company has opted for HELLER machining centres for the machining of its engine housings and cylinder heads.

HELLER solutions at KTM

Erkunt Sanayi

When Erkunt Sanayi was planning to invest in technology for automated engine block manufacturing, the company opted for a HELLER manufacturing system.

HELLER solutions at Erkunt Sanayi

Detroit Diesel Corporation

Implementation of a highly flexible hybrid manufacturing system for the new DD15 heavy-duty engine.

HELLER Solutions at Detroit Diesel

Knödler-Getriebe GmbH

4-axis machining centre model H 14000 for universal and reliable reserve capacity.

HELLER solutions at Knödler-Getriebe GmbH

Maschinenfabriek Gebrs. Frencken

2 HELLER H 4000 with pallet magazine for stability, precision, process reliability and a quick set-up.

HELLER solutions for Gebrs. Frencken

Komax AG

20% faster production using fewer machines and shifts.

HELLER solutions at Komax AG

KS Kolbenschmidt GmbH

Predictive maintenance with HELLER CDS

HELLER solutions at Kolbenschmidt

mewesta hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG

Line optimisation and customer proximity: Integration of 3 different control generations in a common automation system.

HELLER Services at mewesta

PMP Industries

For manufacturing, especially turning and milling operations, PMP Industries uses 14 HELLER machining centres of different types.

HELLER solutions at PMP Industries

H.P. Kaysser

LoadMaster® automation by Schuler in combination with HELLER machining centres

HELLER solutions at H.P. Kaysser

Power-Hydraulik GmbH

Power-Hydraulik GmbH: 50% higher energy efficiency and productivity and increased process dependability.

HELLER solutions at Power-Hydraulik

RJ Lavorazioni Meccaniche

Machining of larger workpieces with uncompromisingly high precision: H 10000

HELLER solutions at RJ Lavorazioni Meccaniche


Best value turnkey package: HELLER 4-axis horizontal machining centres equipped with pallet changer

HELLER solutions at CastAlum

Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen GmbH

3 HELLER machining centres model H 4000 linked by a Fastems system for flexible and reliable production of baking plates

HELLER solutions at Franz Haas Waffelmaschinen GmbH

Engel Austria

3 HELLER H 8000 working as a linked automated system with the aim to gradually double the capacity and to achieve a 20 percent reduction in idle times.

HELLER solutions at Engel Austria


Universal machining centre providing the appropriate stability for the machining of grey cast iron and ferrocast

HELLER solutions at KSB AG

Lewa GmbH

Preventative maintenance: maximising productivity of a total of three HELLER machining centres

HELLER solutions at Lewa

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG

25% reduction in engine components, 100kg weight reduction – successful product and process development of state-of-the-art 6-cylinder diesel engine

HELLER solutions at MAN


Production mill-turning of workpiece weights up to 2,000 kg

HELLER solutions complete-machining


Machining of individual cast-ion workpieces using economically efficient and precise automation

HELLER solutions at Pernoud

Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co. KG

High-performance milling at 25% higher machine stability

HELLER solutions at Meusburger


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