HELLER BLUE Energy Efficiency

HELLER BLUE energy efficiency

With HELLER BLUE energy efficiency packages energy savings of up to 30% can be reached:

The more universal and varied the machining task, the more important is adaptive (i.e. requirements-based) current consumption of peripheral equipment and main units in order to be able to optimise various operating points.



  • Basic supply for all HELLER machines from the H, F and C series
  • Use of IE2 motors with up to 5% lower power consumption
  • Shut-down of individual consumers after a programmable time interval



  • Requirements-based shut-down of consumer air
  • Constant media and filter monitoring supports the smooth operation of your machine


HELLER BLUE smartsupply

  • Flexible deactivation/activation of all consumers
  • In addition to BLUE supply, this option includes shut-off or sleep mode of further functional units, including cooler, pumps, lights, chip conveyor, seal air and other separate options



  • The use of a frequency converter allows to perfectly adapt the volume flow of the high-pressure coolant pump, and thus energy consumption, to the requirements of your machining task



  • Flexible control instead of ON/OFF control
  • As with the coolant pump, the central cooler can be controlled by means of a frequency converter in accordance with operating requirements
  • In combination with a new type of compression technology this results in a significant reduction in power consumption


HELLER blue hydraulics

  • High pressure on demand
  • Booster technology based on the principle of pressure amplification provides low-noise and energy-saving high pressure supply, whilst minimising heat input into the hydraulic system


At HELLER, the use of regenerative drive systems, servomotors with efficient utilisation of the overall speed range and power-reduced valves has been standard for years just as consistent use of methods for topology optimisation of structural components (e.g. beds and columns).

These methods help to increase stiffness and to optimise masses of moving components. The new HELLER BLUE energy efficiency packages allow to unlock further potential – independent of the manufacturing situation.

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