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HELLER USA Technology Days 2014

HELLER Machine Tools in Troy opened its doors in October for the 2014 HELLER Technology Days followed by a very popular Family Day with attendance of more than 400 persons. Both events clearly showed that HELLER highly values its relationships—customer, vendor, and family--and is continuing to support the development of its technology.

HELLER Technology Days

Nearly 400 visitors came through the hall during the two-day event, including vendors, customers and prospects from across the USA, including Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

“This wide turnout of technology users reflected the great interest in HELLER production technology,” said Vincent Trampus, HELLER USA Vice President – Sales. “We saw a greater, more focused interest in the HELLER CBC Technology, which is coincident with HELLER’s development of the process for large-scale, high volume automotive engine production.”

HELLER used the Open House event to introduce the DRZ 10 crankshaft turn-chasing machining center. For light-duty automotive crankshafts, the DRZ was demonstrated machining all concentric diameters, including main bearings, undercuts, grooves, flange and stub-end to micron tolerances, ready for finish grinding. New quick tool change strategies for the machine were very interesting to visitors.

Also of interest to visitors were MCH400 S machining centers tooled and fixtured for complete machining of heavy-duty diesel head and block production. Customer Detroit Diesel will be using the machines for low-volume production of these critical parts.

More than 20 vendors provided their own technology displays and rated the quality of visitors to the Open House very highly. Vendors and complementary firms included Zimmermann, Elha, Wenzler, Gleason, Fastems, Liebherr, Kennametal, Ingersoll, Komet, Walter, Marposs, and other local manufacturing partners.

HELLER’s North American manufacturing partners are part of a carefully developed network of system building capability that will help the company over the next months assemble more than 60 MC20 4-axis machining centers as part of a recently announced transmission machining system for Ford Motor Company.


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