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HELLER quality: prerequisite for customer satisfaction

Today, HELLER counts among the leading suppliers worldwide in the most important markets of metal-cutting manufacturing – with complete solutions comprising state-of-the-art machine tools and manufacturing systems, intelligent applications and comprehensive service solutions. We believe this to be a fundamental requirement to be perceived as an important partner in the global market by our customers.

smart mix of technologies

HELLER global footprint: quality anytime, anywhere, in any area

We are committed to delivering the same high level of service to our customers anywhere in the world, meeting the same high quality standards and enabling them to be optimally prepared for changes in the market or in manufacturing requirements and to operate their core business successfully.

To achieve this, we have implemented a convincing concept: globally consistent quality assurance for all products and in all areas – from the machine and application through to our service network. This principle of a consistent global orientation and a strong regional presence is what we refer to as HELLER Global Footprint.

HELLER Lifetime Productivity: quality to last a lifetime

Investing in a machining centre means investing in the future: increasingly smaller batch sizes, shorter delivery times and growing complexity of components require continual optimisation and streamlining of the manufacturing process.

Today, there is a growing trend towards complete machining on a single machine. Machines for complete machining allow to reduce loading times, part handling times, measuring requirements, cycle times etc. and, as a rule, increase the achievable accuracies. The possibility of complete machining is supported by multitasking, i.e. the intelligent combination of a standard machine with process and control expertise.

To achieve this, HELLER is offering Lifetime Productivity: our machining centres not only meet current requirements. They also provide the capability to be used efficiently and productively throughout their entire life cycle. By adding specific technology and process know-how, a standard machining centre can be transformed into an effective asset for efficient complete machining.

To achieve Lifetime Productivity we have built up comprehensive expertise in application engineering.  Often, consistently implemented complete machining requires the use of manufacturing technologies atypical for machining centres. This includes complementary technologies such as turning, grinding, shaping, honing or the machining of gears.

As an integrated solutions provider we are integrating numerous additional technologies into the core process of milling, creating future-oriented solutions implemented on standard HELLER machining centres for processes otherwise requiring special-purpose machines or complex manufacturing systems.

To achieve this, we use a smart mix of technologies: the goal is not to upgrade a machine with the maximum range of functions. The key is to configure it in a way to provide the right combination of machining processes tailored to the customer's range of workpieces, keeping the effort involved within adequate and reasonable limits.

Lifetime Productivity also requires a fair partner, able to provide transparent and clearly structured services for adapting existing machinery to the new technological challenges whilst ensuring maximum availability. HELLER machines and the services provided by go hand-in-hand. A global presence, rapid response times and qualified customer care from HELLER Services help to ensure maximum machine availability over many years.


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