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HELLER Suppliers' Day 2014-Best strategic partner awarded

For the first time, HELLER presented a Supplier Award to a reliable partner to honour outstanding achievementsin the past. At the same time, the award is to serve as a motivation for the future. In addition to that, HELLER islaunching its global development programme called STEP.

Already in 2013, HELLER hosted a Suppliers' Day. However, a prize was awarded for the first time during the event in June 2014. Among the 40 strategic partners invited, Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG from Bochum, supplier of hydraulic swivel motors and lift-and-swivel systems, took the prize for the best delivery performance in 2013.


Supplier development programme

HELLER based its decision criteria on the aspects of timeliness of deliveries, quality and adherence to quantity stipulations. These aspects also form part of the supplier development programme called "STEP" (Strategic, Together, Evolution, Partnership), combining a range of different goals:

Global availability: HELLER requires material provision to HELLER's production facilities around the world and reliable parts availability for global service

Competitive capacity: starting from product design, the machine building industry places a focus on costs. That is why HELLER is honouring the competitive position of a partner within a defined product group.

Flexibility: just like HELLER, strategic partners need to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the market.

Stephan Schnädter, Head of Purchasing & Logistics at HELLER says: "We are committed to our European suppliers. Practical experience in other countries has shown that our customers' high expectations in terms of quality and delivery flexibility cannot be fulfilled by relying on suppliers from low labour cost countries. In order to successfully compete against mass producers, HELLER needs to underpin its technological leadership with a high degree of flexibility and short response times."


Award to the total benefit of our customers

Managing Director Frank Hense accepted the award not without pride, suggesting that being number one at HELLER is considered a particular distinction. What is awarded as an expression of appreciation for him and his staff is intended to serve all other partners as a motivation for the future.

In addition to presenting the SUPPLIER AWARD 2014, HELLER also announced new strategy goals on the occasion of the event. Their aim is to achieve shorter delivery times, an effcient presence in the global market and to generate cost benefits through product optimisation and design. These goals are of importance to HELLER customers, too, since adherence to schedules and quantity stipulations has a direct effect on the delivery date of the high-end products.


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