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Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Heller compiles complete operation and maintenance manuals for all systems, large or small, covering electrical and mechanical and any special system from our facility.  These manuals contain detailed descriptions of each piece of equipment and system and include:

  • all operating and control sequences
  • routine maintenance schedules
  • emergency and fault finding information
  • recommended spare parts lists
  • safety notices
  • potential hazards and
  • manufacturer’s documentation. 

Technical Training

Training refers to improving an employee’s knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to effectively  do their job.  All employees (new or current employees in new jobs) should be trained.  Heller’s Technical Training Department offers a wide range of training courses.  Heller will develop training classes for operators, mechanical repair, electricians and program application engineers.
Courses are designed for:

  • Operators
  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Programming

Heller’s Technical Training Department will develop course outlines and objectives to define what type of training the customer will receive. Trainees receive a Heller Training Certificate for training completed.

Interactive Training Material

Heller also compiles interactive training manuals for all Heller systems and stand-alone machines which contain detailed descriptions of each piece of equipment. Interactive pushbuttons are incorporated to make navigation easy.

Heller interactive material includes:

  • User friendly interface
  • High quality digital graphics
  • Roll-over push buttons
  • Real-time animated exploded  views and digital video clips
  • CD-ROM fully printable screens


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